Saturday Session 09: Travel + Money for Millennials with the Hello HENRY's

Welcome to this month’s Saturday Session! Today, I’m talking to the ladies from Hello HENRY’s, Lauren + Kelda. 

These ladies run their own website and offer financial services, in addition to their other jobs. This past year or so, I have been focusing on my own finances and working toward saving money for retirement as well as a fully funded emergency fund and I’ve basically been figuring out what adults do with their money. I have always felt that while we all have a responsibility to take an active role in our finances, I do wonder why nothing to do with being an adult was really covered in school. 

In my own experience, I have found that not many people around our age group (the millennials) have this stuff figured out either, and it genuinely scares me a little bit to know how poorly many people in this generation handle their money. 

So, I am very excited to talk to Lauren + Kelda today and we’re going to talk through all kinds of money + millennial things as well as how to maximize opportunities like travel credit cards responsibly and getting the most out of your vacation time if you have a more traditional job. 

listen below!

Travel + Money for Millennials with the Hello HENRY's: How To Save For Retirement When You Don't Have A Traditional Job, Money Fundamentals, And Leveraging Travel Credit Cards Responsibly and Effectively

On Millennials + Money

Q1. What prompted you to specialize in millennials + money and do you think the reputation about millennials is generally correct?

Find this question at: 00:07:20

Q2. What worries you most in regards to your peers + money?

Find this question at: 00:11:18

Q3. What areas should millennials be focusing on the most?

Find this question at: 00:15:40

Travel Credit Cards

Q4. How can we maximize those travel card opportunities + make sure we are using them responsibly?

Find this question at: 00:20:32

Q5. I know you two have some great tips in regards to maximizing travel cards, what are some of your best tips and strategies?

Find this question at: 00:26:45

Saving + Retirement

Q6. Saving money (for trips, a new car, house, etc) when you don’t have a traditional 9-5 job?

Find this question at: 00:31:13

Q7. Retirement strategies for non-traditional jobs?

Find this question at: 00:34:29

And we are back with regular episodes which will now be released every other Friday. We have some great episodes coming up on Thailand and Yosemite. Audriana just got back from Croatia  where she did Yacht Week, so when she gets back, we’ll record an episode all about her experience and her thoughts on Yacht Week there!

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Again, thank you to our guests Lauren + Kelda for coming on today and they have a wealth of resources on their website for all things millennials + money, so be sure to check it out!

Hello HENRY's

Hello HENRY’s

Lauren + Kelda

What is your biggest obstacle when it comes to managing your finances?

Travel + Money for Millennials with the Hello HENRY's: How To Save For Retirement When You Don't Have A Traditional Job, Money Fundamentals, And Leveraging Travel Credit Cards Responsibly and Effectively

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