Saturday Session 08: Becoming an Authority in Your Field + Life and Business in Nevada City, CA with Erin Thiem

Hey there, and welcome to this month’s Saturday Session! If you’re a new listener, these are our monthly interview episodes where I have on guests from all kinds of backgrounds. Sometimes it’s to talk travel, other times it’s about entrepreneurship or being a small business owner, and sometimes it’s neither of those things and it’s just someone interesting to talk to!

Today, our guest is Erin Thiem -- and she fits the bill of all of those topics above! Erin owns several business in my small home town of Nevada City, she curates content for the Visit Nevada City Instagram, she’s traveled the world, and she’s become a solid authority on pretty much all things related to Nevada City, over the years!

listen below!

Erin Thiem on The Rambling Gals Podcast

On Nevada City

For those of you who have been following and listening for awhile, you probably know that I am from Nevada City; I grew up here and I currently live here. It’s a small town in Northern CA, there’s just over 3,000 people living here, so it’s the place where you go to the grocery store and inevitably see at least one person you know. It was also a Gold Mining town, so the downtown area has those classic, historic buildings you probably think of when you imagine a gold mining town.

Downtown Nevada City, photo courtesy of Erin Thiem

Downtown Nevada City, photo courtesy of Erin Thiem

When I was younger, everything here seemed normal and it didn’t seem like a ‘special’ place. After moving away for a couple of years, I moved back to Nevada City just about a year ago and I am much more appreciative of the area, the community and all the things there are to do here.

Q1: Are you originally from Nevada City and what do you think gives Nevada City that ‘special’ quality?

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On Community Involvement + Success:

There is always something going on in town, which Erin does a great job of covering in her Outside Inn Blog. Obviously, running several businesses in Nevada City requires her get to know her community and have a certain level of involvement -- and I feel the sense of community here in Nevada County is kind of, extra-ordinary.

South Yuba River, photo courtesy of Erin Thiem

South Yuba River, photo courtesy of Erin Thiem

Q2. What part has community involvement played in your role and successes as a business owner here?

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Q3: There are always cool events going on here, what are some of your favorite Spring and Summer activities coming up in Nevada City?

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On business

Let’s talk in more detail about Erin’s businesses here in Nevada City. In addition to running and curating content for the Visit Nevada City IG page, she also own the Outside Inn which is just a short walk into downtown as well as her most recent project, which is the Inn Town Campground.

Inntown Campground, photo courtesy of Erin Thiem

Inntown Campground, photo courtesy of Erin Thiem

Q4: Did you know you wanted to do something in this field, or how did you get involved in starting these ventures?

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Q5: What has been the most challenging part of being a business owner? Logistics of building a campground? Marketing?

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On becoming an authority

Something we are continuously working on, is becoming an authority in the travel space. Erin has done an exceptional job of becoming an authority on anything and everything Nevada City related. Her and her blog are the resource most people go to when they are looking for things to do around town.

I think this is a crucial piece of running any business, whether it’s a campground or an online business. Being able to demonstrate you have expertise on a certain subject not only puts you at the forefront of people’s minds when they think of that topic, but it, in turn, encourages people to become your customers.

Q6: Did you intend for the Outside Inn to become the go-to resource for Nevada City and do you think this has contributed to your success?

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Q7: What are your best tips for anyone wanting to become an authority in their field, or community?

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And as always, a huge thank you to our guest, Erin Thiem for taking the time out of her busy schedule to sit down and talk to me. I hope you, our listeners enjoyed this episode and if you have a few extra moments, leaving an amazing review always helps us! As this podcast grows, I will be reaching out to brands and companies to ask if they would like to have us record ads with them, so it is always helpful to have a few extra 5 star reviews!

Thanks again for listening + reading, and we’ll see ya on the next episode of The Rambling Gals Podcast!

Erin Thiem

Erin Thiem

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