Saturday Session 02: Finding Your Passion with Natalia Barbosa

Saturday Session 02: Podcast Breakdown + Extras

Today we’re here with Natalia from Nachi Body Candy today! Natalia and I worked together at Nike wayyyy back when we both went to college in San Diego.

Natalia makes some pretty incredible handmade natural body products like soap and face masks and she’s also been churning out some cool hand knitted and crocheted items like beanies and tops.

I remember her experimenting with body scrubs when we worked together and I still recall the first thing she ever brought to work to share with everyone. She had made this amazing coffee and coconut body scrub and it was packaged in like a little plastic tupperware and she was just getting started on this journey. So it’s been wonderful seeing the progression of Natalia’s passion...from experimenting and making samples to a full blown business with professional labels and packaging and it’s just very cool.

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NaChi Body Candy

I know you work a 9-5 job, in addition to running your own business in whatever spare time you may have. How do you stay motivated?

NB: I definitely feel like somedays I'm having to remind myself why I'm doing this. But I find that if I just set a daily goal or intention -- even if it's a simple or small thing -- and I hold myself accountable for that, it helps me.

It is SO hard to stick to your goals for every day, week and month, especially when it feels like there's a million things to do, all the time. What are your daily struggles?

NB: There's a daily struggle, there just never feels like there's enough time. And I really fantasize about the day when I don't have to work my real-person job and I can do everything! I can make 10 loaves of soap a day! And the other part of that is just staying motivated. So when I get off of work and I stick to my plan and work whatever hours I need to; sometimes that's until 1 or 2 in the morning, where I'm putting labels on products and making new products. And it's really hard, but I really try to not be too hard on myself and know that I took a step that day in the direction I want.

One of the things I know I struggle with is staying creative, and coming up with new ideas all the time that are unique and fit our brand. With so much influence from social media and other people in your industry, how to you stay creative?

NB: Not forcing it. It can be intimidating and overwhelming seeing everyone else's creations via social media and sometimes you feel pressure to create more but that often impedes my creativity but when I just let it be the vibes just flow.

Keeping the big picture in mind each day has helped us stay on track and motivated. What are some of your short-term and long-term goals?

NB: Short-term & long-term goals are so, so important! My short-term goal is creating a presence here in the Bay Area, which includes getting into more shops, and doing more events to where people recognize my products. Long-term is to open a wellness center focused on natural healing, and I strive to be the plant lady who can drop little pieces of knowledge about herbology. 

There are plenty of amazing things about being your own boss and making your own way. What do you love about this job?

NB: I love that I am able do what I am passionate about EVERYDAY. I'm happy that I've found that thing I want to do, and it's my skill that I have to offer the world and make it a better place. And I really do feel so grateful for that; the ability to use my own skill and make my own way. 

Most of the entrepreneurs I talk to have an early memory of their first entrepreneurial experience or endeavor. Do you have one of these?

NB: I remember setting up a lemonade stand outside my house in La Mesa in San Diego. I wanted to save money to buy something I really wanted. And I made about $50 that day! And the next experience was my mom's garage sale and I remember just being so excited, because it is a good feeling knowing I could make money for myself.

For us, our underlying goal is to get more people out into the world exploring and living their best lives. We think a more well-traveled population leads to more cultural understanding and a fundamental knowledge of history and how other people live. What is your "why" behind NaChi?

NB: I do this because I want to give people a better quality of life. I believe in harnessing the power of nature. In our society we are so quick to run to the doctor that we forget what we have some powerful healing in our own backyard. we should be mindful of what we put on and in our bodies, because our skin is our biggest organ.

How can people find you online and get involved in your community?

NB: Follow me on Instagram @nachibodycandy and participate in the giveaway! I love to hear what people say. The ideas you guys have are great, so talk to me!

We had such a good time having Natalia on this episode! If you're looking for some amazing handcrafted beauty product and goodies, or want to place a custom order, Natalia is your gal! You can find her Etsy Shop and social medias below!

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