Saturday Session 01: An Unconventional Life with MK Andersen

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We're SO excited to speak with MK from Your Day By MK on today's episode. MK started her own wedding planning business and has chosen an unconventional career of an entrepreneur, fresh out of college. 

On the episode, we're talking about some of the toughest and best parts of being your own boss, and how MK approaches her work in the wedding industry as well as how she copes with the ups and downs of entrepreneurship by playing competitive ultimate frisbee. 

So come on now, let's go chat with MK!

Listen below!

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We know you lived in Israel for a while and did a European adventure as well, what pushed you to start traveling?

MK: My parents had encouraged me to do a gap year after high school. I was really hesitant and frustrated at first because I just wanted to go to college like all of my friends, but soon realized how great of an opportunity this would be. So, this was my first real solo grand trip. I’ve been blessed in that my family really prioritized traveling over lots of other parts of life.

Q: How did you decide on Israel and did you plan to stay for the whole year?

MK: Woof, this one is kind of a doozy, but my family has been involved with this program called Hands of Peace since its inception in 2003. It’s an Israeli-Palestinian conflict peace/leadership program where teenagers from 3 delegations in the region and US teenagers do a 18 day dialogue and leadership based summer program. So we had hosted teenagers every year, I did the program and the second year program and had so many connections there. So when my parents were trying to persuade me to take a year off...naturally they appealed to my weakness which was my interest in the region.

You're right though, sometimes I would just catch myself thinking “holy crap I’m just on a casual bus ride to Jerusalem today!”

So, we do travel planning and major organizing of things and you do the same thing in the wedding industry. When you started your wedding planning business, did you feel like you hit the nail on the head career-wise?

MK: LOL wanna switch jobs? Sometimes yes, and sometimes no. I started this because of the same thoughts, I love organizing and delegating and it was easier for me to conceptualize a plan to become successful. But the hardest thing for me when I was deciding to pursue this endeavor is that I was roughly committing to being in Chicago for ya know a good chunk of time...but as of recently, I just decided to waive my travel fees to MPLS, ATL and DC if people wanted to hire me for their Month-of Coordination!

Okay, let’s talk about what it’s like working for yourself. There are days where you stop and think, “who the hell gave me this huge responsibility and why on earth do I think I can do this?" How do you deal with these polar opposites and remain sane?

MK: I cry, lol jk but not actually. I mean wow, yeah I have imposter syndrome all the time. But I think what keeps me sane is when I do have days of oh lord oh no, I think back on some of the stuff I have accomplished.

There are a lot of amazing things about being your own boss, the most obvious is being able to more-or-less make your own schedule, but besides that...What are the things about your business that help keep you motivated every day?

MK: When random people say it’s so cool I just decided to start this, I don’t want to let them down. Also having the flexible time that I do have to do stuff.

We know how important it is to showcase and support women and bring some attention to women basically just being badasses in daily life. Why is this such a key component of your business?

MK: There are so many women in the wedding industry and I think people are so quick to judge the wedding industry as frilly. Running a business is hard, and there are so many women who own their own business and no one takes them seriously for being a business owner in the wedding industry. So it's been so awesome to highlight other women in this industry and using my public platform I've been able to showcase other women doing some amazing things!

It's SO great to talk to other entrepreneurs who are doing their own thing and have taken the unconventional route in their lives. If you are looking for someone to help facilitate your wedding, work with you during your wedding month to make things run smoothly, or anything else wedding related, MK is your gal! You can find her online below!


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