Driving the Romantic Road Through Germany

The Romantic Road winds its way through Germany, beginning in Wurzburg and ending in Fussen, right on the border of Germany and Austria. 

It's no wonder that this 350km road is becoming more and more popular. Winding through beautiful Bavarian villages and wildly beautiful forests and rolling hills, it's definitely worth the journey. 

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While you can hop on and off the Romantic Road (Romantische Straße) at any point, here's a look at our favorite way to experience this iconic drive on limited time. 

First Stop: Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Because of limited time, we decided to skip Wurzburg and head straight to this amazing town. If you have the time, we strongly recommend spending at least a day in Wurzburg before heading down the road. 


This was my favorite stop on the Romantic Road. In fact, I went at night on my first day and then got up extra early to stop in again before continuing on the road trip. Rothenburg ob der Tauber is one of the more popular stops on the road, and once you arrive, you'll see first-hand just how charming this corner of the world is. 

4 Don't Misses:

1. The Main Square

Just a small area, it's packed with little shops and cafes and allows you a great view of the  bell tower and ample people watching. 

2. Town Hall Tower

You can climb up the Town Hall Tower and catch a stunning glimpse of the city from above. 

3. Eat Authentic German Food  

There are so many picturesque restaurants to try traditional German and Franconian specialties. 

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Check out these places for some good eatin': Hotel Reichsküchenmeister Das Herz von Rothenburg, Am Platzl, Weinstube Löchle, Hotel-Gasthof Goldener Greifen. 

4. Take a Tour

Just like nearly every one of these villages along the way, Rothenburg ob der Tauber has plenty of history to take in. There are several walking tours around the town where you'll be guided through the storied past of this once walled city. 

Recommended length of stay: 2 Days, 1 Night

Second Stop: Nordlingen

This next town along the route is a fully walled-in city with plenty of quaint shops, buildings and restaurants. In fact, Nordlingen is one of three cities in Germany to have the original medieval walls surrounding the whole town.

The drive itself is just about as beautiful as it gets and will take you past many other small Bavarian towns and exceptional scenery. 


This is a wonderful place to take a pit-stop along your drive and stretch your legs by walking the small cobblestone streets. We popped in here for lunch and just happened to sit down at a restaurant in the oldest building in the whole damn town called Roter Ochse for an authentic German meal.

Recommended length of stay: 1 Day, 1 Night

Third Stop: Augsburg/Friedberg

We opted to stay in Friedberg as it was a little bit closer to our next destination of Munich, but the usual stop along the Romantic Road is Augsburg. 

Augsburg is one of the oldest town in Germany, which is pretty wild to think about. Be sure to visit the town square and St. Mary's Cathedral which dates back to the 11th Century. Like many of the little Bavarian towns you'll see all along the way here, the picturesque half-timbered houses, cobblestone streets and the canals and rivers running through it make it a perfect place to overnight before heading into Munich. 

Recommended length of stay: 1 Day, 1 Night

Fourth Stop: Munich

While we were in town for Oktoberfest, we did do some exploring around the city our first day before heading into the beer halls. 

If you don't spend all your time here sittin' at biergartens and drinking beer out of massive one liter steins, here's a few extra things to do:

1. Spend an afternoon at the Hofbrauhaus

One of the oldest beer halls, it's also quite popular. Have a seat at the long, wooden tables and make new friends from around the world while enjoying cold steins. 

2. Check out the Marienplatz

This is the central square of town where you can find the impressive Town Hall building. On the facade of the building you'll see the world-famous Glockenspiel, a series of painted figures that become animated when the clock strikes 11:00AM, 12:00PM + 5:00PM. It is essentially a massive cuckoo-clock as the performance ends with a golden bird popping out at the very end. 

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The main square is lively, full of shops and cafes and a perfect place to just sit and watch the world go by. Originally, the Marienplatz was a place where tournaments, markets and even executions were once performed here. 

3. Visit Dachau

Although not a particularly fun & exciting stop, it's well worth your time to take a direct look into this atrocity of human history.


Dachau was the first concentration camp in Germany. Take some time to spend a few hours here walking the grounds, reading through the extensive museum, viewing artifacts and really immersing yourself in the experience. Entrance is free and about 30 minutes from Munich. 

Recommended length of stay: 3 Days, 2 Night

Fifth & Final Stop: Fussen

The drive to this small town is alone a highlight of a trip. The drive in will afford you stunning views of the Austrian Alps, you'll pass through the cutest villages with lush, green rolling hills full of cows with bells on. Seriously, an amazing drive. 


The town of Fussen is pretty much postcard perfect, nestled in the forest, with a large lake nearby and the ever-popular Neuschwanstein Castle just minutes down the road. The town is full of quaint shops, restaurants with outdoor patios and riddled with walking, biking and hiking trails around the area. 

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Spend the day checking out the Castle, walking the cobblestone streets, or taking a boat out on Forggennsee Lake. 

Recommended length of stay: 2 Days, 1 Night

And that's it! There's your perfect road-trip through Southern Germany on the Romantic Road. For a quick-paced trip, you can get by spending just one night in each of these towns, but we recommend hanging out in each of these Bavarian towns for a little bit longer -- we don't think you'll want to leave!

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